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Grounded in community, we empower and prepare all scholars to recognize the fullness of their identity and determine, pursue, and succeed in the future of their choice.

Powered by Community

We prepare our scholars to be critical, deep thinkers of themselves and the world around them


Every community member-- student, family, & faculty-- feels seen and valued in our locally, culturally affirming learning environment.

Our scholars are prepared with the skills necessary to succeed in the college, career, and life of their choice.

Proactive School Culture

Currently, in Beaufort County, only 2 out of every 10 scholars of color are entering 6th grade on grade-level.  At Sea Islands Heritage Academy, we focus on creating a personalized, supportive learning environment. 

Our scholars know who they are and know where they are going. 

Sea Islands Heritage Academy Data

2 in 10.

Sea Islands Heritage Academy Graduates :
Sea Islands Heritage Academy graduates will be empowered community leaders and learners.  They will operate in the world with a sense of purpose, passion, and awareness of themselves and the needs of others around them.  Our graduates will be prepared to enter the world with a clear mind, clear heart, and clear hands– ready to take on the challenges of an ever-changing world.      

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